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Excel’s Auditing Tools
Viewing formulas
You can often understand an unfamiliar workbook by displaying the formulas rather than the
results of the formulas. To toggle the display of formulas, choose Formulas
Show Formulas. You may want to create a second window for the workbook before
issuing this command. This way, you can see the formulas in one window and the results of the
formula in the other window. Choose View
New Window to open a new window.
You can also use Ctrl+` (the accent grave key, usually located above the Tab key) to
toggle between Formula view and Normal view.
Figure 21-9 shows an example of a worksheet displayed in two windows. The window on the top
shows Normal view (formula results), and the window on the bottom displays the formulas. The
View Side by Side command, which allows synchronized scrolling, is also useful
for viewing two windows.
When Formula view is in effect, Excel highlights the cells that are used by the formula in the
active cell. In Figure 21-9, for example, the active cell is C11. The cells used by this formula are
highlighted in both windows.
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