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Excel’s Auditing Tools
Figure 21-12: Clicking an error’s Smart Tag gives you a list of options.
Error Checking to display a dialog box that
describes each potential error cell in sequence, much like using a spell-checking command. This
command is available even if you disable background error checking. Figure 21-13 shows the
Error Checking dialog box. Note that this dialog box is modeless, so you can still access your
worksheet when the Error Checking dialog box is displayed.
You can choose Formulas
Formula Auditing
Figure 21-13: Using the Error Checking dialog box to cycle through potential errors identified by Excel.
It’s important to understand that the error-checking feature is not perfect. In fact, it’s
not even close to perfect. In other words, you can’t assume that you have an error-free
worksheet simply because Excel does not identify any potential errors! Also, be aware
that this error checking feature won’t catch a very common type of error — that of
overwriting a formula cell with a value.
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