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Excel’s Auditing Tools
Using Excel’s Formula Evaluator
Excel’s Formula Evaluator enables you to see the various parts of a nested formula evaluated in
the order that the formula is calculated.
To use the Formula Evaluator, select the cell that contains the formula and choose Formula
Formula Auditing
Evaluate Formula to display the Evaluate Formula dialog box, as shown in
Figure 21-14.
Figure 21-14: Excel’s Formula Evaluator shows a formula being calculated one step at a time.
Click the Evaluate button to show the result of calculating the expressions within the formula.
Each click of the button performs another calculation. This feature may seem a bit complicated at
first, but if you spend some time working with it, you’ll understand how it works and see the value.
Excel provides another way to evaluate a part of a formula:
1. Select the cell that contains the formula.
2. Press F2 to get into cell edit mode.
3. Use your mouse to highlight the portion of the formula that you want to evaluate. Or,
press Shift and use the arrow keys.
4. Press F9.
The highlighted portion of the formula displays the calculated result. You can evaluate other
parts of the formula or press Esc to cancel and return your formula to its previous state.
Be careful when using this technique because if you press Enter (rather than Esc), the
formula will be modified to use the calculated values.
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