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Introducing the Visual Basic Editor
Figure 22-8: Use the Properties window to change the name of a VBA module.
Removing a VBA module
If you want to remove a VBA module from a project, select the module’s name in the Project
window and choose File Remove xxx (where xxx is the name of the module). You are asked
whether you want to export the module before removing it. Exporting a module makes a backup
file of the module’s contents. You can import an exported module into any other project.
Using code windows
With the exception of Reference objects, each object in a project has an associated code window.
To summarize, these objects can be
h The workbook itself (the item named ThisWorkbook in the Project window)
h A worksheet or chart sheet in a workbook (for example, Sheet1 or Chart1 in the Project
h A VBA module (a module that contains general VBA code, including the code for custom
worksheet functions)
h A UserForm (a module that contains code for a custom dialog box)
h A Class module (a special type of module that enables you to create new object classes)
h A Reference (a list of references inserted by using the Tools References command)
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