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Protection Options
Protecting a workbook’s structure
When you protect a workbook’s structure, you can’t add or delete sheets. Use the Review
Protect Workbook command to display the Protect Structure and Windows dialog
box, as shown in Figure 1-15. Make sure that you enable the Structure check box. If you also mark
the Windows check box, the window can’t be moved or resized.
Figure 1-15: To protect your workbook’s structure, select the Structure check box.
Keep in mind that Excel is not really a secure application. The protection features, even
when used with a password, are intended to prevent casual users from accessing
various components of your workbook. Anyone who really wants to defeat your protection
can probably do so by using readily available password-cracking utilities.
Password-protecting a workbook
In addition to protecting individual sheets and the structure of the workbook, you can require a
password to open the workbook. To set a password, choose File
Encrypt With Password to display the Encrypt Document dialog box (see Figure 1-16). In this
dialog box, you can specify a password to open the workbook.
Protect Workbook
Figure 1-16: Use the Encrypt Document dialog box to specify a password for a workbook.
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