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Chapter 2: Basic Facts about Formulas
To insert a name into a formula, position your cursor in the formula where you want the name
entered and use one of these two methods:
h Press F3 to display the Paste Name dialog box. Select the name and click OK.
h Take advantage of the Formula AutoComplete feature. When you type a letter while
constructing a formula, Excel displays a list of matching options. These options include
functions and names. Use the down-arrow key (
) to select the name and then press Tab to
insert the name in your formula.
Spaces and line breaks
Normally, you enter a formula without using any spaces. However, you can use spaces (and even
line breaks) within your formulas. Doing so has no effect on the formula’s result but can make the
formula easier to read. To enter a line break in a formula, press Alt+Enter. Figure 2-1 shows a
formula that contains spaces and line breaks.
To make the Formula bar display more than one line, drag the border below the
Formula bar downward.
Figure 2-1: This formula contains spaces and line breaks.
Formula limits
A formula can consist of up to about 8,000 characters. In the unlikely event that you need to
create a formula that exceeds this limit, you must break the formula up into multiple formulas. You
also can opt to create a custom function by using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).
Part VI focuses on creating custom functions.
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