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A Multifunctional Function
Figure 25-2: Selecting an operation from the list displays the result in cell C14.
The workbook, statfunction function.xlsm , shown in Figure 25-2, is available on
the companion CD-ROM.
The following STATFUNCTION2 function is a much simpler approach that works exactly like the
STATFUNCTION function. It uses the Evaluate method to evaluate an expression.
Function STATFUNCTION2(rng As Range, op As String) As Double
STATFUNCTION2 = Evaluate(Op & “(“ & _
rng.Address(external:=True) & “)”)
End Function
For example, assume that the rng argument is C1:C12 and also that the op argument is the string
SUM. The expression that is used as an argument for the Evaluate method is
The Evaluate method evaluates its argument and returns the result. In addition to being much
shorter, a benefit of this version of STATFUNCTION is that it’s not necessary to list all the
possible functions.
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