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Text Manipulation Functions
Figure 25-3: Calculating sales commissions based on sales amount and years employed.
Text Manipulation Functions
Text strings can be manipulated with functions in a variety of ways, including reversing the
display of a text string, scrambling the characters in a text string, or extracting specific characters
from a text string. This section offers a number of function examples that manipulate text strings.
The companion CD-ROM contains a workbook named text manipulation
functions.xlsm that demonstrates all the functions in this section.
Reversing a string
The following REVERSETEXT function returns the text in a cell backward:
Function REVERSETEXT(text As String) As String
‘ Returns its argument, reversed
REVERSETEXT = StrReverse(text)
End Function
This function simply uses the VBA StrReverse function. The following formula, for example,
returns tfosorciM :
Scrambling text
The following function returns the contents of its argument with the characters randomized.
For example, using Microsoft as the argument may return oficMorts, or some other random
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