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Converting Formulas to Values
Figure 2-5: A Smart Tag appears after pasting data.
This technique is very useful when you use formulas as a means to convert cells. For example,
assume that you have a list of names (in uppercase) in column A. You want to convert these
names to proper case. In order to do so, you need to create formulas in a separate column; then
convert the formulas to values and replace the original values in column A. The following steps
illustrate how to do this:
1. Insert a new column after column A.
2. Insert the following formula into cell B1:
3. Copy the formula down column B, to accommodate the number of entries in column A.
Column B then displays the values in column A, but in proper case.
4. Select all the names in column B.
5. Choose Home
6. Select cell A1.
7. Choose Home
8. Press Enter or Esc to cancel paste mode.
9. Delete column B.
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