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Errors in Formulas
Figure 2-6: Use the Format Cells dialog box to change the Hidden and Locked status of a cell or
By default, all cells are locked. Protecting a sheet prevents any locked cells from being changed.
So, you should unlock any cells that require user input before protecting your sheet.
Be aware that it’s very easy to crack the password for a worksheet. So, this technique
of hiding your formulas does not ensure that no one can view your formulas.
Errors in Formulas
It’s not uncommon to enter a formula only to find that the formula returns an error. Table 2-4 lists
the types of error values that may appear in a cell that has a formula.
Formulas may return an error value if a cell that they refer to has an error value. This is known as
the ripple effect: A single error value can make its way to lots of other cells that contain formulas
that depend on that cell.
Table 2-4: Excel Error Values
Error Value
The formula attempts to divide by zero (an operation not allowed on this planet). This also
occurs when the formula attempts to divide by an empty cell.
The formula uses a name that Excel doesn’t recognize. This can happen if you delete a
name used in the formula or if you misspell a function.
The formula refers (directly or indirectly) to a cell that uses the NA function to signal
unavailable data. This error also occurs if a lookup function does not find a match.
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