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The Name Manager
For example, the following formula uses a range named MonthlySales, defined in a workbook
named Budget.xlsx (which is assumed to be open):
If the name MonthlySales is a worksheet-level name on Sheet1, the formula looks like this:
Conflicting names
Using worksheet-level names can be a bit confusing because Excel lets you define
worksheetlevel names even if the workbook contains the same name as a workbook-level name. In such a
case, the worksheet-level name takes precedence over the workbook-level name but only in the
worksheet in which you defined the sheet-level name.
For example, you can define a workbook-level name of Total for a cell on Sheet1. You can also
define a worksheet-level name of Sheet2!Total. When Sheet2 is active, Total refers to the
worksheet-level name. When any other sheet is active, Total refers to the workbook-level name.
Confusing? Probably. To make your life easier, I recommend that you simply avoid using the
same name at the workbook and worksheet levels.
One way you can avoid this type of conflict is to adopt a naming convention when you create
names. By using a naming convention, your names will tell you more about themselves. For
instance, you could prefix all your workbook-level names with wb and your worksheet-level
names with ws. With this method, you’ll never confuse wbTotal with wsTotal.
The Name Manager
Now that you understand the concept of scope, you can start creating and using names. Excel
has a handy feature for maintaining names called the Name Manager, shown in Figure 3-1.
Name Manager. Within this
dialog box, you can view, create, edit, and delete names. In the Name Manager main window, you
can see the current value of the name, what the name refers to, the scope of the name, and any
comments that you’ve written. The names are sortable, and the columns are resizable, allowing
you to see your names in many different ways. If you use a lot of names, you can also apply some
predefined filters to view only the names that interest you.
To display the Name Manager, choose Formulas
Defined Names
Note that the Name Manager dialog box is resizable. Drag the lower-right corner to make it wider
or taller.
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