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The Name Manager
Figure 3-1: The Excel Name Manager dialog box.
Creating names
The Name Manager contains a New button for creating new names. The New button displays the
New Name dialog box, as shown in Figure 3-2.
Figure 3-2: The New Name dialog box.
In the New Name dialog box, you name the name, define its scope and what it refers to, and
(optionally) add any comments about the name to help yourself and others understand its
purpose. The Refers To field is a standard RefEdit control, meaning that you can select cells or type a
cell reference or formula similar to how you would do it in the Formula bar.
The keyboard shortcut for displaying the Name Manager is Ctrl+F3.
Editing names
Clicking the Edit button in the Name Manager displays the Edit Name dialog box, which looks
strikingly similar to the New Name dialog box. You can change any property of your name except
the scope. If you change the Name field, all the formulas in your workbook that use that name
will be updated.
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