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Shortcuts for Creating Cell and Range Names
Notice that the Name box is resizable. To make the Name box wider, just click the right side and
drag it to the right. The Name box shares space with the Formula bar, so if you make the Name
box wider, the Formula bar gets narrower.
Figure 3-3: The Name box provides a quick way to activate a named cell or range.
Names created using the Name box are workbook-level in scope by default. If you want
to create a worksheet-level name, type the worksheet’s name and an exclamation point
before the name (for example, Sheet2!Total). Because the Name box works only on the
currently selected range, typing a worksheet name other than the active worksheet
results in an error.
Creating names automatically
You may have a worksheet containing text that you want to use for names of adjacent cells or
ranges. Figure 3-4 shows an example of such a worksheet. In this case, you might want to use the
text in column A to create names for the corresponding values in column B. Excel makes this very
easy to do.
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