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4. Click OK when you finish renaming the Web page.
You end up back at the Page Manager that now reflects the new name
you’ve given to your Web page.
Getting hyper about hyperlinks
A hyperlink is a link to another page on either your own or a different Web
site. You can generally recognize hyperlinks because the font color is slightly
different from the color of the rest of the text on a page. And behold! If you
happen to hover your cursor over a hyperlink and it changes to a hand, you
can click the hyperlink — and then hurtle through cyberspace to land on
another Web site in an Internet galaxy far, far away.
Hyperlinks are an easy way to provide more information to the visitors to
your Web site. You might even create an entire page of hyperlinks linking to
recommended products or informational sites. Or you might create
hyperlinks to link to other sites; Chapter 6 explains why this is a great way to
improve the traffic to your Web site.
Here’s all you need to get started linking your way through cyberspace:
1. Click WebSite on the Navigation bar of the Office Live Home page.
The Page Manager opens.
2. Click Edit next to the name of the page to which you’d like to add a
The Page Editor tab of the Web Designer opens.
3. Create the text that you want to transform into a hyperlink, and then
select it.
If you want to be really boring you might type text such as “visit my Web
site at for more information.” Of course, if you
want to be a bit spiffier, you might consider something along the lines of
“Click Here to Learn More.”
You can also create a hyperlink from a graphic. Instead of highlighting
text, simply select the graphic you’d like to transform into a hyperlink.
4. Click the Hyperlink button on the Page Editor toolbar.
The Insert Link page opens, as shown in Figure 5-10.
5. Select the type of link that you want to insert and fill in the
corresponding information.
Web: Link to any Web site other than your own; fill in the URL
address in the Link field.
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