Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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My Page: Link to a page on your Web site; click the Select Page icon
that appears and choose the page you want to link to based on the
sample provided.
Email: Link to an e-mail address; fill in the e-mail address in the
Link field based on the sample provided.
Document: Link to a file that you’ve uploaded to the Document
Gallery (see the later section called “Documenting Documents with
the Document Gallery”). Click the Select Document icon to select
the appropriate document.
Other: Link to other, less typical sites types such as HTTPS or FTP.
Figure 5-10:
Adding a
6. Click OK to create the hyperlink and return to the Page Editor.
7. Click Save to save your changes and close the Page Editor.
Creating a table
Tables are a great way to organize the content of your Web site. A table
consists of equally sized columns and rows. For example, you might want to list
six products and include a picture, the product name, item code, and a price
for each product. You could create a table consisting of six rows (one for
each product) and four columns (representing the graphic, name, item code,
and price) making it a no-brainer for Web site visitors to get the lowdown on
each of your products.
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