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You can insert a table into any area of your Web site by following these steps:
1. Click WebSite on the Navigation bar of the Office Live Home page.
The Page Manager opens.
2. In the Page Manager area, click Edit next to the name of the page to
which you’d like to add a hyperlink.
The Page Editor tab of the Web Designer opens.
3. Put your cursor on the spot where you’d like to insert a table, and
then click Table on the Page Editor toolbar.
The Create Table page opens, as shown in Figure 5-11.
Figure 5-11:
a table
on your
Web site.
4. Fill in the table information.
As usual, you have a few choices here. The object of the game is to
select the choices that you think look best on your Web site. The
preview window changes to reflect your changes as you make them.
Select a table type: Select a product or service style table if you
want to insert a preformatted table; select Generic style if you
want an unformatted table.
Select the color scheme: You have over a half dozen color choices.
Select the numbers of columns and rows: Remember, rows run
horizontally and columns run vertically.
5. Click OK to close the Create Table page.
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