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If you look very closely, you’ll notice a check mark appearing in the
upper-left corner of any graphic file(s) you select.
6. (Optional) Click the Edit Photos button on the Image Uploader toolbar.
Rotate, adjust the contrast or brightness, and crop your photos as
The Edit Photos page opens, as shown in Figure 5-15. You’ll find icons
on the toolbar to rotate, adjust the contrast and/or brightness, and crop
the graphic.
Figure 5-15:
Editing a
graphic for
use on your
Web site.
7. When you’ve selected one or more images, click the Upload Now
button in the upper-right of the Image Uploader.
The graphics you selected now appear on the Pick an Image page.
8. Click an image to select it on the Pick an Image page, and then click OK.
Your image now appears on your Web site. If you decide you don’t want
the graphic, simply click it one time to select it and then press Delete —
presto-change-o, it’s gone.
9. Click Save on the Page Editor toolbar and then close the Office Live
Page Editor by clicking the red X in the top right.
If you find that the size of your graphic is too large or too small for your Web
site, you might need to edit the graphic before uploading it. There are a number
of free utilities available to create thumbnail copies of your graphics — reducing
their size without risking distortion.
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