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Documenting documents with
the Document Gallery
You have lots and lots of information that you want to impart to your Web
site visitors. However, you might be concerned that adding too much text to
your site will make it appear cluttered and hard to read. A simple solution is
to upload informational documents that your visitors can download at their
discretion. For example, you might want to include your company brochure
and price list in PDF format. Or you might want to offer an executable file to
update software if you are a software developer.
Here’s all you need to do to upload a file and then make it available to the
public at large:
1. Click WebSite in the Navigation bar of your Office Live Home page.
The Page Manager opens.
2. Click Document Gallery on the Page Manager Navigation bar.
The Document Gallery page opens, as shown in Figure 5-16.
Figure 5-16:
Office Live’s
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