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3. Click Upload on the toolbar of the Document Gallery.
The Document Uploader page opens; see Figure 5-17.
Figure 5-17:
4. Click Browse to locate the file you want to add, and then click Add.
The document appears in the documents list on the bottom portion of the
Document Uploader. You can continue to add more documents if you’d like.
5. Select the documents to be added, and then click Upload.
You can tell that a when a document is selected because a check mark
appears in front of the filename.
Uploading your files might take a moment or two depending on the
number and size of files you are trying to upload. The Document
Uploader closes and you land with a thump back in the Document
Gallery (fortunately, the thump won’t hurt!).
After you upload documents to the Document Gallery, you can create a
hyperlink to them anywhere on your site. Not sure how to create a hyperlink?
Turn to the “Getting hyper about hyperlinks” section, earlier in this chapter.
Using the Web Site Modules
If you love a challenge, think nothing of doing something the “hard way,” and
are willing to spend hours reading directions, this section isn’t for you.
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