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Figure 5-21:
The Web
Site folder.
Do not delete the Shared folder from the Office Live Web site folder. The
folder contains hidden files that are used by the system to direct visitors
to your public Web site. If you delete this folder, your service will be
interrupted and you will need to contact Office Live Customer Support to fix the
Maintaining Your Web Site
After you design and tweak your Web site, you might feel you’re ready to
relax, enjoy, and take a well-deserved break. But before you head out to the
beach with your bottle of suntan lotion, you need to take in a bit about
Website maintenance — the process of keeping the content on your site current.
Think of your Web site as a work in progress. Your Web site has an edit date;
search engines do not look highly upon Web sites with old edit dates. Along
the same lines, visitors don’t want to read about last year’s news.
Updating Web site content
Updated content is a great way to lure potential clients back to your site.
Search engines regularly pay visits to Web sites; however, if they visit your
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