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Chapter 6
Optimizing Your Web Site
In This Chapter
Submitting to the search engines
Linking to others
Creating search words
Viewing the site reports
Using adManager
Building a Web site is only half the battle. The other half of the fun comes
when you hang out the welcome mat to attract prospects to your Web
site. In this chapter, you find out how to create reciprocal links to other sites,
submit your site to the search engines, and create some traffic-stopping
keywords. You discover how to assess your efforts by looking at the Office Live
site reports. Finally, should you really want to jumpstart your e-marketing,
you can use Ad Manager to make sure that your Web site shows up at the top
of the search heap.
Working with the Search Engines
Imagine building a great new restaurant, hiring a wonderful chef, decorating
to the nth degree — and then having no one show up when you open your
doors for your Grand Opening. Your Web site is just like any other
undertaking. You’ve put a lot of time and thought into creating a great-looking Web
site, you’re ready for business — but no one’s visiting. The few “hits” you
get are probably from you or one of your friends. Try searching for your
main product in a popular search engine. Does your name appear on the first
page? On the tenth page? At this point you’re wondering what all the fuss was
about — you built it and they most definitely didn’t come.
The search engines probably don’t know that your site exists yet. Don’t feel
bad — you are not alone. Many new site owners face the same obstacle. After
you build your Web site, you need to submit it to search engines so other
people can search for and find your site. If you understand how search
engines work, you’ll soon have lots of visitors to your site.
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