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If you’re really serious about creating reciprocal links, you might consider
adding a link page to your Web site. That way potential link partners see
exactly where you’ll place their links.
Here are a few tips that might make your site a bit more desirable to other
sites. The best part about building great content is that some sites might link
to your site without your even having to ask:
Add informative content: Your site should offer something of value to
entice other sites to link to yours. As fascinating as you might find your
own products and services to be, that may not enough to keep visitors’
attention; get busy creating some informative content that they might
use. Add how-to articles, product reviews, and general tips related to
your industry. Try to teach without selling. If you just can’t get into
writing, consider linking to informative articles that you’ve found elsewhere
on the Internet.
Offer a freebie or two: Nothing entices visitors to your site faster than
free stuff. Add a free tool or download.
Find good tie-ins to your industry: It’s good business to figure out all
the different types of sites that could potentially trade links with you.
Focus on sites that are related to your target market. For example, if
you sell real estate you might trade links with a mortgage company, title
company, and real estate attorney. Include decorating tips and link to an
interior decorator.
Link to quality sites: Make sure the sites with which you are going to
reciprocate are indexed. Better yet, see if they show up relatively high on the
search engines. The higher a page appears, the better. Try to affiliate your
site with sites that have pages ranked as high as (or higher than) your own.
Link to sites that already link to other sites: The span of your Web site
expands proportionately if you link to sites that are already taking
advantage of reciprocal linking to other sites.
After you set up reciprocal links on your Web site to other sites, check those
other sites and make sure that links to your site appear on them. Hopefully,
those people who said they would add links to your site have actually added
them, but sometimes people forget!
Reviewing Your Site Reports
After you submit your site name to the search engine and build some
reciprocal links to your site, you want to see if your e-marketing plan is actually
attracting new visitors to your site. Office Live includes several Site Reports
that analyze the traffic to your Web site. Site Reports track statistics about
several key areas of your Web site. Site Report information clearly shows the
results — or lack thereof — of your efforts.
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