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In Depth Information
Click the View All link next to each of the statistical summaries to get
more detailed information for each of the sections — including
statistical information for the entire year. In addition, should you become
bombarded with traffic, here’s where you’ll find both the Top Ten and Top
200 lists of each of these areas.
3. Click a category from the Site Reports Navigation bar.
As useful as the various statistical summaries are, they represent only
the proverbial tip of your analysis. (You can find additional site-report
options via the Navigation bar.)
4. Click the Site Report that you’d like to view.
The best way to become familiar with the various site reports is to view
the content in each one. However, to help get you on your way, here are
the site report categories and the corresponding reports:
Traffic: The Visitors report shows how many visitors came to your
site and how many pages they viewed, and the Views report
displays how many views the individual pages get (on an hourly, daily,
monthly, or yearly basis).
Search engines: The Engines report shows which search engines
have sent traffic to your site. The Keywords report lists the
keywords that visitors used to find your site.
Referrers: The Referring Pages report shows the exact Web pages that
are sending traffic to your site. The Referring Domains report shows
you the Web sites that are referring traffic to you. The Referring
Domain types report shows the domain types (.edu, .com, .org)
that are sending visitors to your site. Figure 6-6 shows the Referring
Pages report.
Page Statistics: The Page Statistics section includes the Most
Requested Pages report (showing the pages within your site that
most visitors access); the Entry Pages report (showing the first
page visitors see) and the Exit Pages report (showing the page that
visitors are on when they exit your Web site). Figure 6-7 shows the
Most Requested Pages report.
Conversion: If you sell products on your Web site, or allow visitors to
sign up for additional services such as a newsletter, the conversion
reports can prove helpful to you. The Conversion Referrers report
lists the referral sources that sent you a visitor that purchased or
signed up for something on your site. The Conversion Points report
shows you the pages visitors are on when they make a purchase.
System Statistics: These reports provide you with information about
the types of operating systems (Operating systems report), browsers
(Browsers report) and screen resolutions (Screen resolutions report)
that your visitors use. If you are using your own software to design
your site, this information can help you design it in such a way so as
to make it usable for visitors who use various browsers and screen
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