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Figure 6-9:
A sample
site report.
Adding in the adManager
Office Live’s adManager is a service that allows you to create and purchase
ads that appear on Windows Live Search by using Microsoft adCenter. This
form of advertising is also known as pay per click because you only pay if a
prospect clicks your ad.
You select and purchase keywords by bidding on them in an auction format.
The keyword-bid price determines the location of your ad in the sponsored
ad list. Higher bids are placed more prominently in the sponsored ad list.
Currently, Windows Live Search displays a maximum of eight ads, three at the
top of the page and five on the right side of the page. An ad with the highest
keyword-bid price appears in the top-left position of the page.
Microsoft adCenter charges a $5 sign-up fee to activate your account. Additional
billing occurs when users of Windows Live Search click one of your ads. The
lowest bid permitted is $0.05 and the highest bid permitted is $1,000.
Office Live’s adManager steps you through creating your ad, setting up your
budget, and choosing your search keywords. AdManager lets you decide how
much to pay for your ads and when to activate and deactivate them. As you
create your ads, you’ll bid on keywords. When a Windows Live Search user
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