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Figure 6-11:
Creating an
8. Click the check box accepting the adCenter terms (on the Terms and
Conditions screen of the adManager Account Creation wizard) and
then click Finish.
If you don’t play by Microsoft’s rules and click the check box, you can’t
play the adCenter game. After a moment or two of nail-biting
anticipation, adManager’s Ad Settings window appears — and you’re ready to
start creating an ad.
Managing the adManager settings
After you set up an account with the adCenter, you specify where the ad runs
and set up a monthly budget. Creating a budget ensures that your advertising
campaign doesn’t end up costing you more than you anticipated. Depending
on the keywords you use for your ads, you might not reach your monthly
budget. Alternatively, in a very competitive environment, it’s possible that
customer clicks cost the maximum amount you specify.
Here’s how you set the ground rules for your adManager account:
1. Click WebSite on the Navigation bar of the Office Live Home page.
The Page Manager opens.
2. Click adManager from the Navigation bar.
If you’ve previously plunked down your credit card information,
adManager’s Ad Settings page opens (see Figure 6-12).
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