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Figure 6-12:
Setting your
3. Fill in the language and area for your ad and click OK.
You can select a city, state, or country in which to display your ad from
the Location drop-down list.
4. In the Search Engine Accounts and Budget area of the Ad Settings
page, enter the total amount you want to spend each month on all of
your ads.
You can set your monthly budget amount anywhere from $1 up to
$10,000. Your budget is divided by the number of days in the month.
For instance, if you specify a $300 per month budget, your daily budget
limit is automatically set at $10. If you don’t reach your daily limit, the
remainder is then divided evenly over the remainder of the month.
(Sounds kind of complicated — you might pity the guy who is sitting
with his abacus trying to figure the whole thing out.)
5. Click OK to continue.
A summary screen appears showing your budget and letting you know
that you can increase or decrease your monthly budget at any time.
6. Click Next to continue.
You are now ready to start creating ads.
If, in the future, you’d like to change your monthly budget, follow these steps:
1. Click WebSite on the Navigation bar of the Office Live Home page.
The Page Manager page opens.
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