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2. Click adManager from the Navigation bar.
Once you have signed up for an adCenter account, and specified your
settings, the adManager Ad Summary page opens, as shown in Figure 6-13.
3. Click Settings to open the Ad Settings page.
4. Click Edit in the Search Engine Accounts and Budget section of the Ad
Settings page.
5. Fill in the new amount for your monthly budget and click OK to save
your changes.
Figure 6-13:
The Ad
Creating an ad in adManager
Whew! Now that you’ve created an adCenter account, you’re ready to design
your first ad. Don’t worry if you count yourself among the ranks of the “artis-
tically challenged.” Designing doesn’t require an in-house graphic artist, nor
do you have to have a degree in marketing.
You can design as many ads as you like. However, all your ads are included in
your monthly budget. For example, if you have a $30 monthly budget and you
create two ads, each one has a monthly budget of $15.
Follow these steps to create your first ad:
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