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1. Click WebSite on the Navigation bar of the Office Live Home page.
The Page Manager page opens.
2. Click adManager from the Navigation bar.
AdManager’s Ad Summary page opens.
3. Click New on the Ad Summary toolbar.
The Create Your Ad page opens.
4. Fill in your ad content.
You need to fill in the headline, two lines of text, your display URL, and
your destination URL. See the upcoming sidebar, “Tips for writing a good
pay-per-click ad” to create an ad Microsoft will love. As you fill in each
tidbit, a preview of your ad appears at the bottom of the page (see
Figure 6-14). And, should you be confused, Office Live offers guidelines
as well as a tooltip for each text box.
5. Click OK.
The Pricing portion of the Create Your Ad page appears, as shown in
Figure 6-15. Here’s where you enter the maximum price per click that you
are willing to pay. You may not end up paying your bid amount, but it is
important that you are comfortable with your bid. For example, if you set
a maximum bid at $2, and another advertiser sets a maximum bid for the
same keyword at $1, you’re charged $1.01 for each click — and your ad is
placed higher in the list of sponsored links. If another advertiser sets its
maximum bid for the same keyword at $3 per click, then you pay no more
than $2 per click — and your ad drops in the sponsored list ranking. The
cost-per-click rate can vary from minute to minute, day to day, or week to
week, depending on when other advertisers bid on the same keyword.
Figure 6-14:
an ad.
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