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Figure 6-15:
Entering a
keyword bid
You bid amount must be between $.05 and $1,000. Think about your
monthly budget before you enter your bid amount. It doesn’t make a
whole lot of sense to enter a bid amount of $100 if your monthly budget
is $25.
6. Enter your bid amount and click OK.
After a momentary pause (during which adManager combs through your
Web site), the Keywords portion of the Create Your Ad page appears. If
you’re like me, you love it when someone does your homework for you —
which is the case here. adManager suggests several keywords based on
the content of your Web site, as shown in Figure 6-16.
7. Scroll down the list of suggested keywords, select one you like, and
then click Add. If you don’t like the keywords adManager suggested,
click the Custom Keyword option, type a keyword into the box, and
click Add.
You can select as many keywords as you’d like; Office Live adds them to
the list at the bottom of the page.
As you add in keywords, Office Live races out to the Internet and tries to
figure out the estimated position, daily cost, and number of clicks that
your keyword can attract (see Figure 6-16). This information helps you
to get the most bang for your buck.
8. (Optional) To remove a keyword, click the rather large X that appears
to the right of the keyword.
Your keyword is instantly deleted. Don’t worry, though; you can
resurrect it in a heartbeat by repeating Step 7.
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