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9. Click OK to continue.
A confirmation page appears listing the ad, bid price, and keywords that
you selected.
10. Click OK to confirm your selections.
You now land with a plop on the Ad Summary page. Your ad is listed
there with Pending in the Status column, which means it’s under
consideration by Microsoft.
Tips for writing a good pay-per-click ad
Because using adCenter is so inexpensive,
Microsoft has imposed very stringent rules.
Your ad can be rejected for many reasons. Try
to be accurate, truthful, and specific. For
example, your ad content should provide a clear and
accurate description of your Web site — and
include some of your keywords. The landing
page should reflect the content of your ad.
Adhering to the following guidelines helps
ensure that your ad content is accepted:
in ad titles, repeated or unnecessary use of
punctuation, symbols, or characters, or
capitalization of entire words (unless they
are normally written that way).
Avoid repetition of words: Microsoft would
most probably reject an ad that includes
phrases like “Free, Free, Free.”
Don’t use offensive or inappropriate
language: Ugly words convey an impression
that Microsoft wants nothing to do with.
Limit the number of characters in your ad:
Size matters. You must limit your title to 25
characters, each line of your ad text and
display URL to 35 characters, and your
destination URL to 1,015 characters.
Stay away from illegal products or services:
Do not advertise illegitimate or illegal
products or services. Microsoft (in its wisdom)
doesn’t go looking for trouble.
Be honest: Do not intentionally mislead
customers or create the wrong impression.
Display family-friendly content: Microsoft
doesn’t allow ads advertising adult or
sexual content, profanity, online gambling,
or weapons.
Make sure your site is running as it should:
Check that your Web site is fully operational.
In addition, you might want to use these tips to
create a compelling ad:
Don’t duplicate ads: Microsoft does not
allow you to duplicate your other ads.
Don’t violate trademarks: Do not bid on
trademarks, or include them within the text
of your ads, unless your use of the
trademark is lawful.
Include your most important keyword in the
first line of your ad. Make sure to include
as many other keywords as possible in your
ad text.
Include special or free offers: Make sure your
landing page prominently features any
special or free offers that are described in the ad.
Include the best feature(s) of your product
or service.
State any discounts you are offering.
Check your grammar and punctuation:
Microsoft doesn’t allow exclamation points
Avoid using terms that you can’t prove, such
as “best” or “cheapest.”
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