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Figure 6-16:
Looking at the Ad Summary
As its name implies, the Ad Summary page provides you with a summary of
all your ads, as well as the activity for each ad. The Ad Summary page (refer
to Figure 6-13) also lets you create new ads, edit your ads, and/or stop your
ads from appearing in search-engine listings.
If you have created ads, the Ad Summary page also displays these features:
Title: Lists the title of each of your ads.
Views: Shows the number of times your ad has appeared in search
engine listings in the past 30 days.
Clicks: Displays the number of clicks your ad has received in the past 30
Total cost: Tells the total amount spent on clicks for each ad in the past
30 days.
Status: Lists the current status of your ad passed on their current level
of activity. Depending on the time of month, your ad might show one of
the following status levels:
Pending: Ads are marked as pending until they are reviewed by
Microsoft, which can take up to 24 hours.
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