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Here’s what you do to add an activity to your busy schedule:
1. Go to the date of the activity by clicking the appropriate date on the
mini calendar.
The mini-calendar is pretty easy to locate — it’s the small calendar of
the current month located on the left side of the personal calendar. You
can click a date if it’s in the current month, or click the right arrow to
advance to another month.
2. Schedule an activity using one of these methods:
• Click New on the personal calendar toolbar.
• Double-click the appropriate time slot on the Office Live calendar.
Both roads lead to the Schedule Activity page, as shown in Figure 7-2.
3. Fill in the appointment information.
The Schedule Activity page offers a myriad of scheduling options from
which to pick. You can fill in as much information as you’d like, or leave
any of the fields blank:
Subject: Give a brief title for your meeting.
Location: It never hurts to let everyone, including yourself, know
where the big event is going to take place.
Start: The date you selected in Step 1 is displayed. To change the
date, click the arrow to the right of the field to display the calendar
and select the date of the big event. Alternatively, to save a bunch
of clicking, you can use the drop-down arrows to change the
month, date, or year. Enter a start time for the event. Check the All
Day Event check box if the meeting will last all day.
End: The end date fills in automatically based on the Start date you
provided. Feel free to change it if you need to.
The End Date and End Time are automatically set based on the
starting date and time you specify. If you change the Start date or
time, Office Live automatically adjusts the end date and time.
Notes: Write down anything you need to bring to the table —
especially if you are scheduling something way off in the future!
Category: You can sort your activities by calendar so feel free to
pick a category, such as Birthday, Holiday, or Meeting.
Show Time As: Indicate whether you want to show the scheduled
time as Free, Tentative, Busy, or Out of the Office.
Private: Later in this chapter you find out how to share your
personal calendar with other people. If you decide to share — but
don’t want to share the details about this particular activity —
make sure you check this option.
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