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Figure 7-2:
Schedule an
activity in
Office Live
4. (Optional) Click the Invite Attendees icon, enter the e-mail addresses
of the recipients and then click Send.
If you want, you can ask others to join the party. Figure 7-3 shows the
Invitation page that appears. You’ll notice that most of the information
is already filled out for you.
If you don’t know your recipient’s e-mail addresses, click the Insert
Addresses icon; your e-mail address book opens. Double-click a name
to add it to the recipients list.
The e-mail recipient receives an e-mail like the one in Figure 7-4. The
recipient can choose to Accept, Tentatively Accept, or Decline the
invitation; and the response is logged in your Office Live personal calendar. If
the recipient(s) use Outlook, accepted invitations appear automatically
in their Outlook calendars.
5. (Optional) Click the Reminder link and decide what kind of reminder
you want.
The Reminder area expands with two additional options:
Send an E-Mail To: Indicate who is to receive the reminder and
how far in advance of the meeting they are to receive it.
Send Me a Reminder Using MSN Alerts: If you are using MSN
Alerts you can have a reminder sent to your MSN Web page
or your phone.
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