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Using the Task List
Like the Honey-Do list hanging from every husband’s workbench, the Office
Live Task List gives you a listing of all those things you need “to get around
to.” In general, your calendar is the best tool for scheduling activities
associated with specific dates and times; your Task List on the other hand, includes
those timeless activities that you just plain need to accomplish . (When you
get to them. Real soon now.)
You can access the Task List readily enough by clicking Tasks on the Office
Live Navigation bar. Figure 7-7 shows a sample Task List.
Figure 7-7:
The Office
Live Task
Follow these steps to create a new task:
1. Click the New drop-down arrow and select Task.
The New Task page appears, as shown in Figure 7-8.
2. Fill in the Task fields with the information about your task.
Subject: It always helps to know what you’re trying to accomplish.
Start and Due Date: Because tasks often take a while to complete,
you have both a Start and Due date.
Status: This proves particularly helpful if you are sharing your
Personal Calendar with others. You can choose a status of Not
Started, In Progress, or Completed.
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