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Notes: Feel free to write a book to yourself with the nitty-gritty
details of the task.
Category: Because you can sort the Task List by category you
might want to add one to your task.
Reminder: Click the double down-pointing arrows to expand the
Reminders area so you can have an e-mail reminder of the task’s
3. Click Save to save your task.
You arrive back at the Task List where the new tasks sit in wait —
hopefully not surrounded by too many other tasks!
Figure 7-8:
The New
Task page.
Being Reminded by the Reminders
Scheduling an appointment or task is only half the battle — the second half
takes place when you actually remember to do what you set out to do! So the
Reminders section includes a list of all the reminders you set for your
activities and tasks.
If you need to set up a reminder, click the New link in the Reminders section.
You go to the New Reminder page, which looks exactly like the New
Appointment page. Not surprisingly, anything scheduled via the Reminders
section automatically appears on your calendar.
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