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Click the Go to List link in the Reminders section to get a more detailed list of
all the activities and tasks for which you included a reminder.
Taking Notes
If you live in Florida — or any place with an abundance of paddle fans —
you’ve probably learned that a sticky note is not your best method of
recording information. Even if you haven’t fallen prey to a paddle fan, you might
avoid sticky notes because they tend to stick to everything except what
they’re intended to stick to.
You can jot down a Note in the Office Live Personal Calendar in much the
same way you create one on a sticky note or paper scrap — and it won’t
blow away. Here’s how you do it:
1. Click the New drop-down arrow and select Note.
The New Note page appears; see Figure 7-9.
2. Fill in the note details and click Save.
Selecting a category from the drop-down list comes in handy if you
decide to sort your notes by category later on.
You return to the Notes page, as shown in Figure 7-10. Your new note
sits along all the other notes that you’ve added along the way.
Figure 7-9:
Creating a
new note.
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