Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Chapter 8
Working with Business
Contact Manager
In This Chapter
Checking out Business Contact Manager
Working with Accounts
Making Contact with Contacts
Identifying Opportunities
Producing Products
Documenting with Documents
Working with existing items
Receiving e-mail change notifications
Working with datasheets
If you have an Essentials or Premium Office Live account, you can use
Business Contact Manager to organize your contacts and accounts in one
central location. You can also create opportunities, track a sales pipeline, and
store various product information with Business Contact Manager. In
addition, Business Contact Manager includes a Business Documents library to
store documents that are important for your customer relations.
Chapter 4 discusses the Address Book that comes with all Office Live accounts.
In this chapter, you get a look at all the additional functionality of Business
Contact Manager.
Welcome to the World of
Contact Management
You might like to think of Contact Management as the last frontier in the
world of software. When you start a business you probably have a certain
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