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hierarchy of software in mind. You probably start with the ability to e-mail
and compose documents, throw in a spreadsheet or accounting software to
track the dollars coming in and out of your business, and maybe even
develop a Web site.
A successful business follows a steady path. You start with some prospects
that hopefully turn into paying customers. As your business grows, so does
your customer list. And as your business continues to grow, so do your
headaches. You find that sticky notes and legal pads are just not an efficient
way to conduct your business.
Enter the world of contact management — with the operative word being
contact : a person you’ve encountered in the course of your business. A
contact record is all the information you have collected about that person.
Note, however, another meaning of the word contact — to communicate. To
do business, you need to stay in touch with your contacts — and Business
Contact Manager gives you all the tools to do just that.
Click the Business Contact Manager link from the home page Navigation bar
to open the Business Contact Manager dashboard, shown in Figure 8-1. The
dashboard provides you with a listing of all the newest information for the
various BCM parts. In addition, the dashboard allows you to add new
Accounts and Contacts quickly.
Figure 8-1:
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