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Creating an Opportunity When
One Comes Knocking
An opportunity is a prospective sale. Business Contact Manager lets you keep
a running list of all those potential sales — including the potential cash that
will potentially hit your wallet. You can use Business Contact Manager to
capture the details of each opportunity and then view them all together in the
Opportunities list. An opportunity usually consists of the various products
or services, a sales stage, and the sales rep who was responsible for the deal.
You can track notes and phone logs about the opportunity. Best of all,
Business Contact Manager does all the calculating for you!
Opportunity records work just like Account and Contact records. You can
view all your opportunities at once in the Opportunities list, or you can view
a single opportunity in full detail. You can sort and view the Opportunity list
in a number of ways, or customize it to your liking.
To create a golden opportunity — or at least one that will (hopefully) make
you lots of money — follow these steps:
1. Click Business Contact Manager from the Office Live Home page
Navigation bar.
The Business Contact Manager dashboard opens.
2. Click the Opportunities tab.
You’ll end up with a loud ka-ching smack dab in the middle of the
Opportunities list. Don’t worry if there’s nothing listed there yet —
there will be soon!
3. Click the New button.
The Opportunities – New Item page opens, as shown in Figure 8-10.
4. Fill in the required information.
There are only two requirements here:
Opportunity Title: The title is up to you; you might name the
opportunity something catchy like “Huge Money-Maker” or you might
give it a more subtle name that corresponds to an invoice number.
Opportunity For: You must associate either an existing Account or
Contact with the Opportunity but you can’t associate both. Select
the type of record you’d like to associate with the Opportunity;
then choose an existing Office Live record. Click the icon next to
the drop-down list to add a new record if you need to.
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