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Figure 8-10:
Opportunities list.
5. Fill in the optional information.
This doesn’t require a whole lot of effort but it can prove really helpful in
the future. Business Contact Manager comes equipped with a Sales Stage
drop-down list of common sales stages (everything from Prospecting
down through Quoting and Negotiating, with a final stop at either Closed
won or Closed loss). You can then manually input a closing probability
and an estimated Close date.
6. On the Products tab, click the Add Existing Product link.
If you haven’t saved your opportunity, Office Live prompts you to do so.
The Add Existing Product page appears, which provides a list of your
products (see Figure 8-11).
7. Place a check mark next to the item(s) you want to add and then
click OK.
For some unknown reason, any products you add from the Opportunity
record are associated only with that opportunity. The product(s) don’t
appear in the Products list. If you want to add a product that you’ll use
with multiple opportunities, you have to add them prior to creating the
Don’t worry if you haven’t added any new products — you can do so in
the “Producing More Products” section later in this chapter.
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