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2. Click the Products tab.
The Products list opens, displaying any products you might have
already added.
3. Click New.
The Products – New Item page opens, as shown in Figure 8-13.
4. Fill in the required information.
This step should prove fairly easy; the only information you must add is
a product name and the default quantity or amount. The product
description isn’t required.
You can change the quantity or amount for each individual Opportunity
when you create a new Opportunity or edit an existing one.
5. Fill in any additional information.
When you add a product description, unit cost, unit price, and a
discount percentage, and then indicate if the product is taxable, Business
Contact Manager automatically calculates these things:
Markup: The difference between the unit price and cost.
Line Total Before Discount: The quantity times the unit price.
Line Total: The quantity times the unit price minus the discount
Figure 8-13:
Adding a
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