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Receiving Change Alerts for a BCM Item
What’s great about Office Live is that you can be completely mobile. You can
work from home, an auxiliary office, or even on the road — all the while
sharing your information with the folks back in the main office. However, all that
mobility comes with a price: If you’re not around when important changes
are taking place, how do you find out about them?
Business Contact Manager has a nifty feature that sends you an e-mail alert
every time specific information changes. For example, you can receive an
alert when a new contact is added, or when an Opportunity hits a crucial
sales stage. You can receive alerts for changes to a list or for changes to
items within the list.
Adding an alert
You can receive an alert when account, contact, opportunity, or product
information changes. You can create alerts for changes to any of your lists,
or specifically for any item within a list. For example, you might receive one
notice if a new Product is added to the Product list, or if the price of an
already-existing Product changes.
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