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Here’s all you need to do to set it up:
1. Click Business Contact Manager from the Navigation bar on the Office
Live Home page.
The Business Contact Manager dashboard opens.
2. Click the tab that contains the list you want to receive alerts for.
3. Choose Alert Me from the Actions drop-down menu.
The New Alert page springs open (see Figure 8-16).
4. Fill in the fields to configure the alert:
Alert Title: This information appears in the subject line of the
e-mail alert.
Send Alerts To: Specify the user who is to receive the notice by
clicking the book icon and selecting the name of an Office Live user.
Change Type: You can specify to receive notification about changes
to items or all changes.
Send Alerts for These Changes: Filters your alerts based on the
criteria you used in the current list view.
When to Send Alerts: Specify whether you want to be notified of
changes immediately or as part of a daily or weekly summary.
5. Click OK to return to the list view.
Figure 8-16:
an alert.
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