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Fret not, dear reader. There is another method for entering data — and for
editing and/or deleting it again for that matter. If you already have a list of
your Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, or Products, you can paste them
into a datasheet. All at once. In the blink of an eye. And, should you need to
delete them, you can zap those records en masse, rather than having to deal
with them one at a time.
Quite simply, a datasheet is like a spreadsheet, consisting of rows and columns.
Are you an Excel aficionado? If so you can add, delete, sort, or reorder the
columns and rows of a datasheet exactly like you would with a spreadsheet.
You can even using the mouse cursor to move information from cell to cell,
or to fill down information.
Viewing data in a datasheet
One of the coolest things about viewing your data in a datasheet is how easy
your data is to sort and filter. You do that by creating views — changing the
filters and columns that you see in a list view — but the datasheet takes filter
and sorting to the next level.
Here are some of the cool party tricks you can perform with a datasheet:
Widen or narrow a column: Place your cursor on the right edge of a
column header, hold down your left mouse button and drag to the left
or right.
Change the column order: Place your cursor on the column header, hold
down your left button and drag the column header to the left or right.
Sort a column: Click the header row drop-down list and choose Sort
Ascending or Sort Descending.
Filter to show only blank (or only non-blank) entries: Click the header
row drop-down list, scroll to the bottom of the list, and choose (Blanks)
or (Non-Blanks).
Filter by one criterion: Click the header row drop-down list and select
the criterion.
Adding data to a datasheet
Even if you are brand new to contact management and have to start building
a database from scratch, you’ll probably find entering multiple records is
easier in a datasheet rather than through individual forms.
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