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Setting Up a Workspace
Office Live comes with a variety of Workspace templates that you can use, or
you can design a Workspace by scratch. Each Workspace you create can
include several tabs or pages. Each page includes a corresponding list of
information. For example, you might decide to set up a customer Workspace
for three of your most important clients. You might include a Shared Documents
page; this page would contain all of the documents pertaining to the client
that you had uploaded to the customer’s Workspace. The customer Workspace
could also include a Calendar page on which you could list all the future
meetings that you’ve scheduled with the customer.
The whole idea of a Workspace is to share it with others so that you have an
easy way to collaborate — even if the collaborators are scattered hither
and yon.
Creating the Workspace
Creating a new Workspace or two is ridiculously easy. Follow these steps to
get you on your way.
1. Click Workspaces on the Navigation bar of your Office Live Home page.
The Workspaces page opens; see Figure 9-1.
Figure 9-1:
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