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2. Select Create New from the Common Tasks drop-down list.
The Business Applications – Create page opens, as shown in Figure 9-2.
Figure 9-2:
Applications –
3. Click Applications and Workspaces in the Web Pages section.
The Create New Application or Workspace page opens.
4. Select Workspaces from the Select a Category drop-down list.
5. Choose a template from the Select a Template drop-down list.
There are many Workspace templates from which to choose (see Figure
9-3). With the exception of the Blank Meeting Workspace and the Blank
Workspace templates, each template comes equipped with additional
tabs that hold lists of data pertinent to the Workspace:
Basic Meeting Workspace: Includes sections for an agenda,
attendees, a document library, and objectives.
Blog: Includes sections for posts, photos, other blogs, links,
comments, and categories.
Customer Workspace: Includes sections for announcements, a
calendar, links, and shared documents.
Decision Meeting Workspace: Includes sections for an agenda,
attendees, decisions, a document library, objectives, and tasks. Figure
9-4 shows a Decision Meeting Workspace.
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