Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Team Workspace: Includes sections for Announcements, Calendar,
links, shared documents, tasks, and a team discussion board.
Wiki Workspace: Wiki means quick in Hawaiian. A wiki is an easy
and quick place to gather information. Here’s where you can set up
pages for contributors to add links to other Web sites or add their
own personal comments.
One of the neat features of Service as a Software (SaaS) is that the
manufacturer can deliver new enhancements directly to your door. As Office
Live becomes more popular, you’ll start to see a proliferation of templates
by third-party vendors. If you click the Find More Applications on Our
Marketplace link, you can find those templates as they become available.
6. Click OK to continue.
The Site Detail page opens.
7. Fill in the required information and then click OK to create your new
Workspace and return to the Workspaces page.
Don’t panic if the words “fill in the required information” send chills
down your back. Office Live has already done much of the work for you
by filling in some of the information and providing you with a whole
bunch of clues (see Figure 9-5). If you’re unhappy with the Office Live
suggestions, feel free to tweak them.
Figure 9-5:
Creating a
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