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Title: Office Live suggests a title for your Workspace page, basing
the suggestion on the template you choose in Step 5. If you’ve set
up several of the same templates (for example, you’ve set up
Customer Workspaces for more than one customer) you’ll want to
change that title to something cool and interesting like “ABC
Company” or “My Great-Paying Client.”
The Workspace title appears in the Navigation bar so avoid using
titles such as “PITA Client” or “High-Maintenance Pest.”
URL: This is the URL that folks will use to access the Workspace.
Avoid using spaces or symbols here.
Description: Here’s where you can state what you’re trying to
accomplish with this Workspace. You might include something like
“To share information with my valued customer, ABC.”
Display: Here’s where you can determine whether or not the
Workspace shows up in the Navigation bar.
When Office Live finishes creating the new Workspace, the title of the
Workspace appears in the Workspaces Navigation bar.
How safe is your information?
When you use Office Live to create Workspaces
for your data and documents, Microsoft Office
Live uses the security measures built into
Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services to help
protect your data against unauthorized access of
your data and documents. Windows SharePoint
Services employs a set of physical, technical,
and administrative safeguards to help protect
your documents and data against unauthorized
access. In addition, the data and documents are
However, even the best-laid (security) plans of
mice, men, and Microsoft can go astray. As an
additional security measure, you might want to
follow these guidelines when creating Office
Live Workspaces that others might post to:
limited to items like Social Security
numbers, bank-account numbers, and
creditcard information. Sensitive information
includes phone numbers, health
information, as well as any other information that
can be used to identify, contact, or locate a
person (including an e-mail address).
Do not put personal information on Web
pages that you think the public doesn’t
know about. You never know when a page
might be “opened” to the public, or
stumbled upon accidentally.
Upload confidential documents with
caution. If you do need to upload a document
that contains confidential information, make
sure you give it a password.
Never post sensitive information on public
Web pages. Sensitive information isn’t
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