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Inviting others to join in
Creating a basic Workspace is only half the fun. The other half comes when
you invite other people to visit the Workspace for a mutual sharing of
information. When you create the Workspace initially, you are the only one who
sees the Workspace listed in the Navigation bar. After you share the Workspace,
those users also see the Workspace in the Navigation bar (that is, if you
opted to show it on the Navigation bar when setting up the Workspace). If
you opted not to include the Workspace on the Navigation bar, users can
access it by going to the URL that you designated.
As the administrator, you get to control who accesses the information in the
Workspace. For example, you can have one Workspace that is available just
to your employees, and another Workspace that is available only to the
employees of one of your customers.
You can also control the users’ access rights. You can assign users different
levels of access for each Workspace. For example, you might allow a user to
just view the information in one Workspace, change the information in
another Workspace, and be the administrator of another Workspace.
You can only grant Workspace permission to existing Office Live users. Check
out Chapter 3 if you’re not sure how to create user accounts.
Follow these steps to allow a user access to a Workspace:
1. Click Workspaces on the Navigation bar of the Office Live home page.
The Office Live Workspaces page opens.
2. Select Set permissions from the Common Tasks drop-down menu.
The User Permissions page opens, which provides you with a list of all
your Office Live users; see Figure 9-6.
Only the users that you set up in Office Live can access your
Workspaces. If you’d like to open a Workspace to one of your clients,
you have to add that client as a user.
Your Office Live Essentials or Premium account comes with the
capability to add (respectively) 10 or 20 users. If you start to add more
company Workspaces, you might need to add more user accounts. You can
add those user accounts in increments of five at a time for an additional
$11.95/month. The User Permissions page includes a Users Usage area
that indicates the number of active user accounts you currently have.
Click the Buy More Users link if you want to buy more user accounts.
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