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Figure 9-8:
an e-mail
inviting a
user to
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Administrative Workspace Tweaking 101
After you set up a Workspace you’re free to start using it. However, the
whole purpose of Office Live is to share so you’ll probably want to share the
Workspace with a user or two (or three or four!) You might find that the
template you used to create the Workspace is perfect for your needs. However,
some of you might want to be adventurous and add components to your
Workspace. As a Workspace administrator, you have a number of ways to
modify a Workspace.
Deleting a Workspace
The great thing about Office Live is that it’s so easy to customize; the changes
you make are immediately evident to all your Office Live users. The bad thing
about Office Live is that if you make a mistake, all your users see it
immediately. If you create a Workspace but then decide it was just not what you had
in mind, it’s easy to get rid of. Or, if just want to drive your users crazy, create
a bunch of Workspaces and then delete them — leaving everybody to wonder
if the Workspace ever existed in the first place. (Just kidding!)
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